Just a little patience

I wish I was a more patient person.  When I want something to happen though, I want it to happen NOW and I want it to come together exactly as I envision it.  Whether it’s a new dish I want to try in the kitchen, a vacation I want to go on or something bigger in the grand scheme of life, I don’t like to wait for things to happen.

Of course you have to work for what you want, but I also believe that if you put what you want out of life into the universe, the universe will help make it so. If you obsess and worry about when it will all come together though, it seems like the universe will take it’s sweet time.  Kind of like a pot of water; if you keep watching it, it will never boil.

Funny Encouragement Ecard: Doesn't the universe know its timing is supposed to revolve around me?

So, for tonight I won’t worry, and I’ll let the work I’ve put into my plans and the universe work it’s magic.  In the meantime I’ll sit here and eat Gelato and watch the season finale of Revenge.


I can’t wait to find out how Emily and Nolan get themselves out of this one!



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