Hi there!  It’s been a while, so this post will be a little random as I catch up with what’s been going on in my world.

In mid May I attended the Valley of the Sun 20/30 club’s Viva Las Vegas.  All proceeds went to charity, and the cost of the ticket got you in to the event for live entertainment and food & drinks.  It was a great time, and even better that the money went to a good cause!

Memorial Day weekend was great; perfect combo of fun and relaxation.  One of the most fun things I did was work Phoenix Comicon.

After the shift was over we were able to check out the full event.  This was one of my favorite pictures of the day!

We also got to meet Jon Bernthal who played Shane on The Walking Dead which was way cool!  I had fun nerding out.


The next day we took Charlie to the D-Backs game for Bark in the Park, and he had a blast!

The following weekend I convinced Eric to go see What to Expect When You’re Expecting.


I thought it was cute, but I’m pretty sure he hated me for about an hour afterwards for making him go see it.  Hahahahaha.

In the foodie world, I made my very own pasta sauce from scratch!  Like, boiled the tomatoes and pureed instead of using canned tomatoes and everything.  Someday I’ll have to share the recipe.  It was delicious, and it felt like a rite of passage in a way.  It’s tradition in my family (I’m half Italian) to make your own sauce, so I’m glad I finally tackled this one.

 I also experimented with a Sangria recipe that turned out pretty delicious.

Blackberry Moscato Sangria

  • 2 bottles Red Moscato
  • 8 oz. Blackberry Brandy
  • 4 oz. Triple Sec or other Orange Liqueur
  • 12 oz. flavored seltzer or club soda (any flavor you choose, but preferably something that compliments the Blackberry, Orange and Red Moscato flavors)
  • Mix all ingredients together and add the slices of 1 orange, 1 cup of Blackberries, I cup of Frozen Cherries and the seeds from 1 Pomegranate.  Refrigerate for at least 2 hours to let the fruit soak it all up.  Please note that this is nice and sweet so there is no need to add simple syrup or additional sugar like some Sangria recipes call for.  To cut some of the sweetness you may also want to serve it over ice or add a bit more seltzer or club soda.  *Enjoy responsibly.

So there you have it, you’re all caught up!  Things have been pretty busy behind the scenes here, and I’m anticipating that they are only going to get busier.  With that said, I’ll be taking a hiatus from blogging until who knows when.  I know I don’t post a ton anyway, but saying that I’m taking a hiatus takes the pressure off instead of me always thinking “oh hey, I should be blogging”.

I hope everyone has a fantastic summer!  Until next time…

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